Monuments to Freedom - The Presidential Memorials streaming

Monuments to Freedom - The Presidential Memorials

Grand massive stately--the presidential memorials of our nation's capital are ambitious tributes to the men whose legacies remain as immutable as the marble in which the leaders themselves have been immortalized. In this program THE HISTORY CHANNEL-® brings to life the colorful stories behind these modern structures including secrets hidden beneath the flawless fa+§ades. Learn how influential Freemasons may have been the ones to select the design of the Washington Monument and how a man was thrown out of the Lincoln Memorial dedication because of the color of his skin. Examine monument graffiti from the 1800s and follow President Nixon to Lincoln's statue for a secret 4 a.m. meeting. THE HISTORY CHANNEL-® takes you on a journey of discovery to uncover the mysterious tales behind the country's celebrated presidential memorials. DVD Features: Interactive Menus; Scene Selection.

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